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Meet Ragnar DC AllStar WrapStars Van 2!

In case you missed it. . .Ragnar DC is a 207ish mile, 12 person relay from Cumberland, MD to Washington DC over the course of 24 to 30ish hours - it depends on how fast your team runs. Each team member runs 3 times, or 3 legs, with the distances being predetermined by the Ragnar Relay Race organization. When you aren't racing, you spend time relaxing, trying to sleep, eat? and driving to the next exchange point to cheer on your fellow teammates. Here are the 6 members of van 2 for team AllStar WrapStars!


Kicking off van 2 is Tamara! She will be running legs 7, 19, and 31 of #RagnarDC team AllStar WrapStars! She will complete ~15 miles of the 207 mile race 😎

"I'm a solo runner so running the Ragnar is giving me a chance to connect with other runners and to have a support team while on the route. Im looking forward accomplishing a personal goal finishing my first relay while having FUN!!"


Meet Lateefah! Running legs 8, 20, and 32 of Team AllStar WrapStars participating in Ragnar DC. She will complete ~21 miles total for the race!

“I am a runner and I am part of a family of runners and I truly love this sport. I run the Ragnar because it is a true test of my commitment to the sport. The challenge of running through trails/road for differing distances, 3 times in 24 hours is physically and mentally tough and with this being my 3rd Ragnar, I can say the feeling of accomplishment is palpable when you run through that finish line with the best team of sisters a person can ask for. That and the fact that my children all look at me like… Mom’s a BEAST. #LeadByExample "


Fatima is legs 9, 21, and 33 for Team AllStar WrapStars. She came on as someone dropped out just 3 weeks prior to the race! She will complete ~ 13 miles of Ragnar DC.

"Life truly exists just outside of your comfort zone! I'm excited about this opportunity to see what else I can accomplish if I allow myself to be pushed to my limits. I'm honored to be able to share this experience with 11 other phenomenal Muslim women!"


Sahirah will complete ~17 miles of Ragnar DC, running legs 10, 22, and 34 for Team AllStar WrapStars in less than a week!

"Running a Ragnar Relay is not for the faint of heart! This race takes courage, endurance and most of all determination.... qualities that I'm constantly endeavoring to apply to my fitness journey. This is my second Ragnar, subhanAllah, and I'm very much looking forward to it! These races embody everything that I love about about running - the challenge, goal crushing and sisterhood! With my one year running anniversary approaching, running the Ragnar is the perfect way to cap it off, inshaAllah! Let's go Sisters!!"


Meet Raushanah! She's running an impressive 20 miles covering legs 11, 23, and 35 of Team AllStar WrapStars participating in RagnarDC 🏃🏾‍♀️😎

"I am looking forward to running the Ragnar Relay in DC, because I enjoy the sport and the friendships & sisterhood that will be established by this event. What I like most about this race is spending time with nature and testing my limits as a runner. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world who share their running stories and I am looking forward to sharing my Ragnar journey with you!!"


Then there's Me!! The anchor leg of the team running legs 12, 24, and the final leg 36 for Team AllStar WrapStars! Over the three legs, I will complete over a marathon distance running ~29 miles total of 207 mile relay race 🏃🏾‍♀️😎

"I'm running Ragnar because I believe life is for LIVING!! I like to dream BIG, with some of my goals being seemingly impossible, a tad bit scary, with just the right amount of adventure and excitement. As an Anatomist & Neuroscientist it's fascinating to me just how far we can test the limits of our physical body and mental toughness. Ragnar encompasses ALL of this! The opportunity to do it with 11 other Muslim women is the *kale in the green smoothie* 😜"


And there you have it! 2 vans, 12 phenomenal women runners, 1 dedicated driver, at least 24 pairs of running shoes, at least 36 changes of clothes, prepared to cover a distance of 207 miles in ONE EPIC ADVENTURE!!

~Dr. 'Ali, The Fitness Doc

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