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My Homebirth Journey: He's Here!!

Baby Boy is here!

Bismillah (With The Name of G-d). I am still processing the life altering events that have occurred over the weekend. Grateful, humbled, and a heart full of joy seem like small words to describe the arrival of our third child and first son! 💙💚💛 󾬔󾬓󾬕He was born after sunset June 26, 2016/ Ramadan 21, 1437 healthy and peacefully at home, caught by his father, and surrounded an international, interfaith team that only G-d could have assembled for us, Alhamdulillah! I'm on cloud 9,999! 😍😍😍

There is so much more of our journey that I want to share. Stay tuned for more posts surrounding his birth, including his birth story, in the coming weeks!


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