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About  Dr. 'Ali

    The Fitness Doctor, Muslimah 'Ali Najee-ullah, PhD, is the premiere health and fitness expert. She earned her Doctorate in Anatomy in 2009 from Howard University. During her studies she completed a fellowship performing scientific research on movement disorders at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in the National Institute for Neurological Disorder and Stroke. After earning the Ph.D., Muslimah realized that instead of continuing her studies with movement DIS-order, she would rather tackle the issue of the lack of proper and effective movement in our daily lives. Specifically, she wanted to motivate, inspire, and teach individuals to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Having a proper diet, and maintaining an active lifestyle by moving our bodies effectively are proactive steps to prevent heart disease and obesity. She transformed her knowledge of anatomy, and the structure and function of the human body into a health and fitness business "Fit and Healthy You with Dr. 'Ali".


  Since the inception of the business in 2012, Dr. 'Ali has competed in numerous races, including a marathon (finish time 4:16), a few half marathons (personal best time 1:52), and several 5K's (personal best time 26:39). She has instructed hundreds of fitness classes, from Zumba and strength training (light weights, resistance bands and calesthenics), to cardio jam sessions and boot camps (plyometrics). She has trained dozens of runners to participate in competitive running events, including 5K, 10K, half marathons, and marathons. She motivates and inspires hundreds of people daily, leading by example, posting her own workouts, nutritious recipes, inspirational messages. She is always looking for ways to challenge her physical and mental self to keep her body in fit and healthy shape!


   Dr. 'Ali's philosophy on engaging in physical activity is to find what YOU LOVE to do, and then DO IT OFTEN! Find your fitness, then compete with yourself to get stronger, better, and faster. Take each day as it comes, and make today better than yesterday. Take measured steps to improve your diet. Small consistent changes over time yield more lasting than crash diets or fads. Remember, in this lifestyle evolution, it's a marathon, not a sprint!



Dr. Muslimah 'Ali Najee- ullah, The Fitness Doctor

  • Ph.D. in Anatomy

  • Certified Zumba Instructor

  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor

  • Running Coach (5K, 10K, Half Marathoner, Marathoner)

  • Triathlete

About Fit and Healthy You

   Fit and Healthy You (FNHY) is a Our goal is to help you achieve a fit and healthy balance in ALL aspects of your life. FNHY is rooted in three key principles: 1) engaging exercises, 2) simple, yet healthy nutrition, and 3) education on health, nutrition, and fitness. We encourage awareness of your body in terms of the healthy lifestyle you want; to think about what you are putting into your body, literally and figuratively, and how that affects what you produce in terms of energy, longevity, and quality of life.


   We motivate you to engage your body in physical activity by offering various classes and fitness training sessions. These include, but are not limited to Zumba classes; walking/running clubs; fitness challenges; cardiovascular and strength training; personal and small group training; competitive race training (5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon); obstacle race training; and exercise activities for seniors and children. Contact us for your FREE consultation to help you reach your fitness goals today!


  At Fit and Healthy You, we share quick, healthy, family friendly recipes weekly. We believe nutrient rich food does not always equal organic, laborious, or expensive. Some of the weekly highlights are recipes that include the use of seasonal fruits and vegetables; one dish casserole or crock pot meals; and healthy blender recipes, from soups to sauces and everything in between - including our favorite, fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies! Let us take the guess work out of "what's for dinner. .or breakfast. .or lunch?" by developing a healthy and delicious meal plan for you and your loved ones.


  FNHY has a strong commitment to educating individuals by facilitating interactive fitness and health workshops and presentations at health expos, panel discussions, and conferences; data collection for scientific inquiry; and information sharing on our website and social media outlets. Contact us to book Dr. 'Ali for your next event. Make sure you "Like" us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates, healthy and nutritious recipes, and opportunities to join #teamFNHY at our next competitive event.


Fit and Healthy You, it's not a diet, it's not a fad, it's a LIFESTYLE!

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