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Meet Ragnar DC AllStar WrapStars Van 1!

What happens to a dream deferred?

You work hard to see it come to fruition!

This is definitely the case in participating in Ragnar DC. After not being able to complete the race in 2015, I was DETERMINED NOT to give up and to put together a team of my own to complete the race. Two weeks from today 12 Muslim women from GA, NC, MA, and the DMV will take on Ragnar DC, a 206 mile relay race from Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC. A team made up of sisters, professionals, wives, and mothers will leave it all behind to tackle trails and roads, running throughout the night, in 2 vans on our 30+ hour journey. It has been 6 months in the making, on the the 10 year anniversary of Ragnar DC, allow me to introduce team AllStar WrapStars!!


'Demi starts the 200+ mile race with legs 1, 13, and 25 will complete ~14 miles over 3 legs of the race.

"I enjoy a good challenge, so when the Ragnar opportunity presented itself, signing up was my default option. I'm a long shot from being a runner, but I've always been curious about how I'd perform if I tried it out. The cherry on top is the opportunity to do this with fellow Muslimah. I certainly look forward to the race."


Soyini, legs 2, 14, and 26 will complete ~14 miles of the 207 mile race.

"I have a quote on my refrigerator that says "What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn't fail." My response to that questions is "I would do EVERYTHING, so why not do this type of race? I love to push myself, physically and mentally. A Ragnar will push me to be a better me. Additionally, my children are young adults (22, 19, 16) and we are less than two years away from being empty nesters. I know I needed to refocus on my health as I've gotten away from taking good care of myself. And doing it and not feeling guilty. So another quote that drives me is from of Audre Lorde "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." #Iamaworkinprogress


Meet Ajeenah! Legs 3, 15, and 27 of Ragnar DC AllStar WrapStars, running ~ 17 miles of the 207 mile race. Ajeenah has the special privilege of running Leg 3 with an elevation gain of 1,247 feet! She will earn an additional medal known as Capitol Punishment due to the tremendous incline 😎

"I am running Ragnar because I have always been drawn to those physical challenges that will push me beyond what I thought I was capable of. I am also excited to create and nurture relationships with a group of women with whom I share a faith and desire to grow as runners."


Legs 4, 16, and 28 of Ragnar DC team AllStar WrapStars is Fatimah! She will complete ~ 14 miles of the 207 mile race!

"As a Full time Historian, Archivist, Wife, Short-Order Cook, Chauffer and Mother of 3 beautifully spirited human beings, juggling my personal health and fitness remains my most pressing (and at times elusive) challenge to date. After a car accident this past October, running (which used to be one of my favorite past times) became one of my most difficult. I am running my first Ragnar in order rebuild mileage and my love of running."


Taj will complete ~15 miles total running legs 5, 17, and 29, with team AllStar WrapStars!

"I'm running Ragnar DC because why not? In life it's about going beyond what you're typically comfortable with (the unknown) it's where your mental and physical strength is put to the test. I'm running Ragnar to challenge myself, to do something out of the ordinary to become extraordinary. Turning 40 years old put a new perspective on living your life to the fullest and this race screams that. There's a quote that glues it all together and I try to live by. “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” ― Ronald E. Osborn


Meet Nura! She is the team Co-Captain of van 1, and founder of Muslimahs Endure​ based out of Atlanta, GA. Nura is leg 6, 18, and 30 of #RagnarDC team AllStar WrapStars completing ~ 18 miles of the 207 mile race 😎

"I decided to run Ragnar DC simply because I LOVE to run. I love to challenge myself. I love to compete. I love being around others who share this passion, particularly my Muslim sisters."


Stay tuned for van 2 introductions next!

Dr. 'Ali, The Fitness Doc

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