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Relationship GOALS! "Touch" Workshop Recap and FREE Couple's Guide

I, along with my husband, Tariq, had the pleasure of facilitating a marriage workshop over the weekend, Relationship Goals: The Practice of Touch and Movement to Improve Intimacy. The workshop was sponsored by a phenomenal organization, N Life. It was fun to intertwine movement and romance, with my husband being a good sport through it all! Thank you to the couples who joined us and shared intimate space with us. Don't forget to ACTIVELY work towards completing your 10 things next year!

For those who were unable to attend, I'm going to share some the exercises with you ;) Grab your partner, a piece of paper and pen for each of you. Create a warm environment, get comfortable, and get started!

Oftentimes when we think of intimacy we immediately think of sex, or foreplay or something leading to sex. Snuggling, cuddling, sleeping close to each other, sharing affection through simple non-sexual touch will meet many of the emotional needs that we think only sex provides, and oftentimes more than sex provides. Why is that important? Most of us are in relationships to have a closeness with someone, to build an unbreakable bond. When that bond is weak, that’s when negative thoughts, people, habits, self doubt, etc. can enter and THAT can ultimately become the demise of the relationship.

Here are The Fitness Doc's 10 Quick Tips to

Ignite Intimate Touch in Your Relationship!

  1. Remember the purpose is to establish a good emotional climate of warmth, love, and affection, NOT to initiate sex.

  2. Go SLOW. In the time of instant gratification, we get caught up on that and take it to our partners, go slow.

  3. Teach your partner where you like to be touched and held, be imaginative in how you caress. Change the tempo and pressure according to their likes and dislikes.

  4. Practice communicating warmly. This can be hard, especially if you are in a valley in your relationship. At the very least be cordial!

  5. Be fair! Make sure each partner has the opportunity to give and receive. Don’t be the taker, and if you are always giving to the taker, speak up and let your partner know what you want. They finish too quickly? Tell them you want more!

  6. Develop positive feelings towards your body. How can you expect your partner to love touching you if you don't like your body. It's the only one we have, might as well love it!

  7. Sleep in as few clothes as possible at night. Eliminate the physical barriers between you.

  8. Go to bed at the same time at night, and establish a routine of physical contact for 20-30 mins before going to bed

  9. Hold Hands – in the car, on a date, sitting around watching tv.

  10. Practice hugging 6-8 times a day. It sounds difficult, so ease into it. Commit to once daily and gradually increase.

Now to add some action! Follow this table to guide you and your partner through 35 minutes of reconnecting through touch, and setting some actual #RelationshipGoals for next year! As an added BONUS, by completing this exercise guide, you will achieve 6 of your daily hugs! What are you waiting for??

Happy Reconnecting!

~The Fitness Doc

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