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The Fitness Doc: 2016 Year End Events!

The last month of 2016 is upon us, and I'm going to be busy!

First up, December 10, on the East Coast, Baltimore to be exact, my husband and I are facilitating N Life's #RelationshipGoals Marriage Workshop: The Practice of Touch and Movement to Improve Intimacy.

We are not relationship experts. We are just a couple that is committed to making this marriage thing work for the benefit of ourselves, family, and community. If you're it it for the long haul, might as well make it the BEST possible right? ;)

Relationship Goals is a monthly interactive marriage seminar for singles and couples that believe in the benefits of traditional marriage. Each seminar will be led by our Marriage Mentors and will cover a topic that helps singles prepare for a relationship and help couples improve or maintain their marriages.

The workshop will be held December 10, 2:30 - 5pm at the 29th Street Community Center, Baltimore, MD. Register HERE.


I'll be closing out the year on the West Coast, Oakland, to be exact at The Love Project Conference. I'll be delivering a talk entitled "Faith over Fear: Health and Fitness Goals on the Journey of Fitrah". This conference is filled of dynamic Women presenters and complete with a LADIES ONLY NYE Bash!

The purpose of the Love Project Conference is to provide Islamic education facilitated by Women scholars, to embrace the feminine role as defined by Allah in The Holy Quran. To be a occasion to motivate and inspire Muslim women to identify their potential and their calling for service to their community and to humanity. Provide a space for Spiritual, Cultural, and Social expression in a safe space amongst Muslim Women.

The LOVE Conference will be held December 30, 2016 - Jan 1,2017 at Masjidul Waritheen, Oakland,CA. For more details and to register, click HERE.


I'll be starting the new year with my Annual FNHY January Photo-A-Day Contest! This is a fun way to motivate you, while preparing you mentally and physically for a Fit and Healthy Year! The key is to BE CREATIVE! Use yourself, your environment, memes, artwork, whatever you'd like to complete the daily photo tasks!

This year the top prize to the most consistent poster is our signature FNHY Faith& Tee!

East Coast, West Coast, or Online, I'll see you soon!

~The Fitness Doc

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